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Seanode is a SaaS based B2B marketplace that connects manufacturers, suppliers with retailers and dealers. With Seanode, you can streamline your supply chain processes with existing partners, and grow your network by connecting with new companies.

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Global buying and selling network for B2B companies

Global Trade Collaboration Platform
connect. engage. trade

Seanode enables all sizes of organizations to benefit from end-to-end supply chain agility, interconnectivity and adaptability. Our cloud-based platform allows beneficiary cargo owners and intermediaries to connect, engage and trade with each other. We are introducing the first B2B e-Commerce marketplace, all under one roof.

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Platform Features

These form the basis of our services
Seamless connectivity between buyers, suppliers and logistics partners- from procurement to order fulfilment.
Centralized communication - combined with live cargo tracking feeds.
PO Automation
Fully secure, scalable, with automated workflows.
Transparent Marketplace
B2B Marketplace consisting of traceable products to its origin source.

Seanode offers more than just supply-chain connectivity

We empower your business to grow, sustainably


Increase the scale and speed of your trade by connecting virtually with your (potential) partners. More so, SAVE time and money!


Lessen communication barriers using our built-in engagement channels such as chat, audio and video conferencing.


Directly upload products in our built-in marketplace, facilitate easy and secure ordering and fulfillment, and track all your shipments.

Seanode - cloud based supply chain collaboration

Buyers & Sellers

Are you a B2B organization, looking for an end-to-end supply chain collaboration platform? Look no more, Seanode can allow you, your suppliers and logistics providers to plan, automate and communicate on every purchase order and shipment

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Seanode - all-in-one supply chain management

Freight Forwarders & NVOCC's

Are you an independent freight forwarder or NVOCC, struggling with the digitalization of your cargo movement? You deserve the same competitiveness as your industry leaders, without risking large amounts to enable digitalization in-house.

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Already with us

The Future of Global Trade is Digital - Gain Global Scalability and Up to 30% in Cost Reductions.

Redefining the way trade was once conducted.

Suppliers / Manufacturers

Get your profile and marketplace up and running in minutes

From connecting with your existing buyers and freight partners, to finding new ones in an international market - it is now all possible under one platform. Our marketplace is a quick plug & play solution for you to have a webshop presence.

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Retailers / dealers

Buy with confidence

Having the possibility to connect with hundreds of ethical suppliers on Seanode, you can easily source traceable products and materials from low-cost suppliers and maximize your profits.

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Expand your network

No international trade is completed without the complimentary services of various intermediaries, such as freight forwarders, carriers, banks, etc. To capture the complete essence of a global trade market, we have created a separate role for intermediaries so they can expand their network and connect with new beneficiary cargo owners.

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Supply Chains Are Increasingly Globalized

Flexible supply-chain management is now a must-have for businesses of any size. Seanode enables your organization to achieve digital supply chains, by spending as little time and money as possible.

30% lower costs

Automated and agile planning relieves you from manual work tasks causing human errors

Seanode- cost saving in supply chain

Better customer service

Reduce lost-sales by anticipating demand better and having more control over your supply network

Better relations

Remain connected with your suppliers and other partners 24/7, ensuring on-time deliveries

Gain global scalability and up to 30% in cost-reduction

Welcome to seanode - supply-chain-as-a-service (SaaS)

Cloud-Based Application

Simply log-in using your Seanode account and have full control over supply chain processes in one place. No expensive license fees.

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Seanode - role-based supply chain collaboration Seanode - Order Management Tool

Role-Based Collaboration

Invite your supply chain stakeholders to collaborate, plan and conduct trade in real time

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Seanode - supply chain dashboard Seanode - supply chain task management tool

Supply Chain Control Tower

Have full visibility and control over your purchase orders and on-going shipments

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Lucas Mondora, Head of Revenue Optimization

Connect. Engage. Trade.


Real-time interconnectivity with your supply chain partners, enabling more control


AD-Hoc planning, transparency and traceability, allowing flexible planning


From purchase order to final delivery of goods, all under one roof. Receive current and predictive status updates of your containers.

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