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We have the best mix of skills, expertise and scale to be extremely nimble. We're easy to talk to and work with.






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Seanode Technologies / Deep Tech Lab

Seanode Technologies is headquartered in the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is the home of our Startup Studio that hosts our multidisciplinary team consisting of project managers, product owners and design professionals from a range of management, technical and creative backgrounds.

The studio is structured to deliver projects from creation to completion for non-technical entrepreneurs.

We are both design and technology-led and can support your project with all design, documentation and UI/UX mockups followed by in-house prototype production, leading to rapid development and testing of cloud-based applications.

We're focused on the application our knowledge and experience to support the time, quality and cost objectives of your project.

TechBridge  / Offshore IT Park

TechBridge EU is a mission-led initiative of Seanode Global B.V., that focuses on connecting developed nations with developing nations on the basis of technological trade.

This initiative aims to target three overlapping objectives;

1. Strengthening the economy of developing nations by bridging the technological gap between a developing country and a developed one;

2. Creating an open-innovation environment in which local talent can be nurtured and retained, avoiding a "brain drain" in the developing world.

3. To offer cost-effective IT solutions for the Dutch and European companies so they can confidently setup offshore IT backoffices, where the laws and work ethics of the Netherlands apply.

Our Core Values

Trust is built on the foundation of values;
And its crucial to have ours aligned with yours.



Transparency is at the core of everything we do and stand for. It is key to  building a long-lasting relationship; whether its with clients, employees or partners.



Trust is both the prerequisite and a direct consequence of transparency. The higher the level of transparency the higher the degree of trust instilled.

Direct Line of Communication


Trust builds confidence, both internally and externally, which provides the framework for direct line of communications;
Shortest possible route to get the message across.

Customer- Centric


Everything we do at Seanode, we do it for our customers. Without them we have no reason to exist. Our success depends on advancing your vision.

Creativity- Driven


Without creative minds, innovation cannot exist. And to advance a change, creative minds are a necessity. It is of high importance to us to work with creative individuals.

Risk - Takers


To be a force of change requires taking high risks; when all odds are against you. Facing adversity requires courage and a strong belief; traits of high risk-takers.