The Digital Transformation of Logistics and Freight

Industry 4.0 Transforming Global Trade

The era of Industry 4.0 has brought forward rapid digital transformation in one of the most traditional markets - freight and logistics.

A recent study conducted by Accenture has highlighted some key points on the importance of digital transformation, with the following statement: “If they persist with ‘business as usual’, traditional players can expect to lose both competitiveness and value. If, however, they harness the power of digital technologies and build new, digital business models, they could significantly enhance their competitiveness, boosting earnings before interest and taxes (EBITDA) by approximately 13% annually.”
As global enterprises try to be more customer-focus, relying more on SaaS based solutions such as Seanode is becoming the norm. The four key areas highlighted below examine the impact on global trade:

Workflow Automation

Digital adopters of supply chain management can significantly lower their operational costs - up to 30% - by automating planning and supply processes. It allows their workforce to be relieved from manual activities and tasks. Furthermore, automation results in eliminating human error, contributing directly to saving direct costs.

Inventory Optimization

Gone are the days where you have to manually keep a list of inventory items in an Excel Sheet. Adopt digitalized supply-chain solutions, such as Seanode, to decrease your inventory levels by up to 70% by having real-time updates on SKU-Level. Furthermore, having a connected supply-chain means the demand and supply forecasts can be more accurate, enabling efficient inventory management.

User-Based Collaboration and Connectivity

In order to maximize the your profit growth, it is imperative to move towards agile and responsive supply-chains. Seanode enables all stakeholders involved in a supply-chain, from suppliers to buyers, to freight providers, to be connected on an order-level 24/7. The result? Being able to adapt to any uncertain events, such as COVID-19, by collaborating with the parties that are impacted by your supply network.

Transparency and Traceability

As supply-chain links become more and more connected, the flow of information between relevant stakeholders become fluid. This is the essential building block towards gaining both transparency and traceability into your supply-chain. Using Seanode, you and your consumers can track the original source of the materials, how it was made, and how it was shipped to their country. This last element is not only important to maximize profitability but is a major step towards ethical sourcing of goods.


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The increasing mega trends of digitalization in supply-chain process requires disruption and transforming the core business model of traditional companies. Now we truly understand that these internal restructuring can be extremely costly, risky and requires state-of-the-art tech team. Why take such grand risks and transform your business completely when Seanode platform can be bought as a monthly subscription, paid for only on by-usage basis, instead of having intense resources and capabilities in-house. Take advantage of our specialization and industry focus to gain economies of scale as well as economies of scope to achieve global scalability.

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Published on:
November 4, 2020

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