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Seanode: the perfect match for Buyers & Suppliers

Buyer A.. meet Supplier B

We simply enable your organization to Go Global, while Staying Local. The rest is up to you.

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seanode story

Our story begins with the COVID-19 crisis hitting the global supply chains. It was then and there we realized the importance of an interconnected global supply chains. With offices closing down and Work From Home becoming the norm, we decided to bring Seanode platform to the world.

We enable organizations of all sizes to have easy access to agile supply-chain, by following three core principles: connect, engage, then trade.

Our focus towards a globally unified network of trade means prioritizing connectivity and engagement between supply-chain stakeholders, before trading.

Our Mission? 
Provide agility and resilience across the entire supply chain network, ensuring responsiveness, adaptability and risk mitigation.

Imagine a world... Where

A Click of button, Delivers your goods AND also informs you ...

Where it was made, how it was made, and how it was shipped

Seanode has now made it all possible. One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Join our ecosystem

We cannot change the world all by ourselves. But together, we can set trade free! Empower yourself using Seanode, create one source of truth for all supply chain related activities, and taking away the bargaining power of large global carriers

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We envision a world where the networks of global supply-chain are connected in real-time: Creating a Network of Networks

Redefining the way trade was once conducted.


Real-time interconnectivity with your supply chain partners, enabling more control


AD-Hoc planning, transparency and traceability, allowing flexible planning


From purchase order to final delivery of goods, all under one roof. Receive current and predictive status updates of your containers.

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