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Imagine a world where with a click of button you not only have your desired product delivered at home but also trace where and how it was produced. We have made it all possible by redefining how trade was once conducted.

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"E" in our Marketplace stands for Ethical

We focus on ethical sourcing of B2B goods by enabling end-to-end traceability

Supply chain transparency

We offer end-to-end collaboration between all key parties involved in a single order (visibility across low-tiered suppliers).

Ethical sourcing

Seanode enables automation in your supply-chain processes, reduce paper waste, select best shipping route and monitor your carbon footprints, all under one application.

Buy with compliance

Trade compliance is more than just being ethical. It's about sustainable sourcing of goods. We verify every supplier onboarded on Seanode to ensure maximum compliance for the retailers & consumers.

Transparency & traceability

Gain end-to-end transparency into your supply chains in real-time

Global supply chains can involve thousands of suppliers operating within the ecosystem of a company. In such cases, ensuring end-to end transparency and real-time asset tracking is crucial — any gaps in supply chain risk management can lead to supply chain disruptions, lost sales, and unnecessary costs.

Trust & relationship building

Increased Interconnectedness and Collaboration

A fully integrated, digital supply chain software enables information to flow seamlessly between suppliers, manufactures,buyers, and freight forwarders, taking collaboration to the next level. Seanode being a shared platform, it breaks silos and transforms planning into a continuous process. It enables greater trust and support, and joint planning solutions, especially in cases of non-competitive relationships.

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