Powering Automotive Supply Chains

We offer innovation-driven manufacturers a better way to meet their customers' increasing demands. We take you to the source of materials, products and manufacturing services. Through our tightly connected network of suppliers, we guarantee lower costs and reduced lead times for your procurement needs. "A Euro earned in additional revenue is just an extra 0.1 in profit. But a Euro saved in procurement of goods is a Euro extra in profit."

Our suppliers are certified to the highest standards

Transforming procurement of auto-manufacturing industry

We are not for everyone. If you are tired of not knowing when your requested quotation will be received or if your supplier(s) will be able to handle your demands, we are for YOU. If you are not afraid of trying newer (and better) ways to do business, we are for YOU.

Low price, high quality

Taking you to the source of manufacturing cuts huge costs, without compromising on quality or lead times

Full transparency & control

Always know who you are buying from. Always remain in control. All our suppliers (and their suppliers) are verified by us.

Supplier monitoring

We conduct on-going supplier evaluations & monitoring to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.
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Global accessibility

Have a global reach without spending extra costs. Trade beyond borders.

Featured product listings

List your products & services without any hassle. Receive inquiries from  buyers.

Easy payments

Integrated e-invoicing system takes care of all transactions that occur through the platform.
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How it works

(Step 1/3) E-procurement

Find your next auto-manufacturing service or product(s) on Seanode

  • All products and services offered by Seanode's suppliers are 100% verified;
  • Submit your order inquiry using our built-in form with all the necessary information;
  • Make sure to upload any design files and/or technical requirement sheets with the inquiry form.
(Step 2/3) Get "Connected"

Receive the best offers from verified suppliers or directly get in touch

  • Based on your requirements and company policies, our platform will be "match" you with the relevant set of supplier(s);
  • Within 72 hours, you will receive best quotations via our platform;
  • After your quote approval, you can use your Seanode account to communicate with the supplier(s) and manage your PO's
(Step 3/3) Pay & Receive

Arrange payments through our banking partners & receive your goods/services

  • Easy and quick e-invoicing system to manage all APs;
  • For larger enterprises, we can also arrange e-trade finance solutions;
  • Last but not the least, we also take care of all your logistics needs.

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