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Driver of Agile Supply Chain in Fast Fashion & Retail

From streamlining your procurement to enabling end-to-end visibility across your low-tier suppliers, Seanode can handle it all. We help you grow your retail business by providing a pre-filtered list of vendors who meet the highest standards of compliance.

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Global buying and selling network for B2B companies

Global Trade Collaboration Platform
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Seanode enables all sizes of organizations to benefit from end-to-end supply chain agility, interconnectivity and adaptability. Our cloud-based platform allows beneficiary cargo owners and intermediaries to connect, engage and trade with each other. We are introducing the first B2B e-Commerce marketplace, all under one roof.

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Share your most common supply chain related struggles, with suggestions for personalized features catering your needs. We will make sure to include those in our future development releases, if we haven't yet!

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Some of our Retail clients

Buy with Confidence

A truly connected network for the retail industry
Verified network of vendors
Increased number of available suppliers can enable you to increase margins that were not yet possible
Automation and standardized sourcing
Free your procurement teams from repetitive tasks of purchasing. Seanode's automated order processing takes care of that.
Transparency across all tiers
Having all stakeholders of your value-chain under one platform ensures end-to-end transparency and control.

OEM's - Procurement department

Transform your department from transaction-based activities to value-added activities

Procurement teams can submit their order requirements via Seanode Marketplace and receive a consolidated “filtered”  list of suppliers that meet their criteria.

Results? More choices, more value and more dynamic & transparent prices. 

tier-1 suppliers (fulfilment teams)

Transform your department from using traditional sales methods towards digital sourcing

Suppliers of automotive parts can gain access to a broader pool of global buyers, without the burden of dedicated sales and fulfilment functions (or BIG budgets). 

Results? More revenue, more buyers and more accessibility.