Entrepreneurship isn't cheap, but we can help.
From ideation to product development and launch.
High-value, low-cost.

Launch your MVP for a fraction of cost.

Our Process

The first 10 entrepreneurs selected will have the chance to develop their MVP not just in less than 10 weeks, but also for €30000 €10000.

With recession hitting the startup ecosystem hard, we are on a mission to help create and launch viable products for entrepreneurs.

And it's not just the product development from ideation, but you will also get your product out there in the real-world.

You're always welcome to drop by our office and share your story.


Ideate, Design & Prototype


Develop, Test & Launch


Improve, Iterate & Scale


How it work:

Our mission is to help non-tech entrepreneurs create financially and technically viable products. Do you have an idea that you want to launch? Send us your application.

1. Submit your application;
2. Virtual or in-person interview with the founder(s);
3. Selection process and notification;
4. Sign NDA and contract;
5. 10-weeks development cycle;
6. Product-Market-Fit with corporate partners and/or other startups;
7. Reach break-even point (financial viability);
8. Access to financing (if required to sustain growth)

Process duration: 5-7 days.

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