- System (DevOps) Engineers;
- Full-Stack (Web) Developers;
- Mobile Developers;
- QA Testers;
- Product (UI/UX) Designers;
- IT Consultants.


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If you're innovating how global trade is conducted by making it more accessible, interconnected or transparent, for countries and entities. We want to work with you.



Smart manufacturing aligns with the vision of Industry 4.0. Shared mobility, smart procurement, robotics all fall under this category. Write to us if you're facing technical limitations in this area.

Arts & 


While arts and culture may not seem "revolutionary" to many - it is perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of our lives. We would like to support any initiatives taken in this industry.

Education for


How you plan on making education accessible to the masses is as important as the content of education. Spreading knowledge that can be applied in the real world, can change the world and fates of many is worth directing all our resources.



An idea without validation is as good as a car without an engine

Every change starts with an idea, which transforms into a creative action. If the idea is worth the action but you're limited on technical resources, we can bring it to life -together. PoC is low-risk, low-cost & less time-consuming.

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Project feasibility, potential viability, release priority
& cost of quality

Sometimes your world-changing idea needs an external eye for fine-tuning. Sometimes falling in love with an idea hinders critical analysis or worse; leads to paralysis by analysis. We've all been there, now we're here to get you out of it.

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PoC requires technical experts to develop the product

Once your prototype or PoC system demonstrates operational and economical feasibility, the production stages follows. Our experience lies in all three categories of product development; engineering development (MVP), small/medium scale production  & large scale production (system proven in macro environment).

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Complete handover of production cycles or maintenance
[recommended for non-tech companies]

Large scale production requires continuous development, deployment and improvements. Tech grows at a much faster pace than humans. We suggest periodical hypotheses of ideas and ways to integrate with the current system. We take full responsibility of product development while you remain in control.

Let's Build to Scale


Seanode is proud to have a large network of +250 technical experts. Ranging from system engineers, architects, full-stack software developers, mechatronics to UI/UX designers and product managers. An overview of our technical stack:

We are all 100% committed  to serve those who have made it their duty and purpose to advance humanity;

Advancing them would advance us all.



We don't have a standard 4-step "agile" process;
In fact, our processes vary from client to client.

What's standard is how we select each project;
See below.

STEP 1: Let's discuss the problem you're solving

everyone is different, but few see differently

While most "discovery" calls focus on your pain point, we focus on your bigger picture. We are confident in our abilities to eliminate virtually all system limitations. What's important is to understand the change you're determined to see. We believe the world doesn't need more copies of marketplaces, fast-delivery groceries or another cryptocurrency. What we need is to define new boundaries, break them and do things that are nearly impossible to achieve.

Outcome of Step 1: Assessing the fit between the misfits.

Step 2: service that fits your requirement(s)

what not to build is more important than what to build

Once we establish a mutual fit, we begin to identify your development needs;
Whether its to build a PoC, or to develop a product from an existing PoC. What's important is to highlight your development goals

Outcome of Step 2: Identifying development goals against measurable metrics.

Step 3: Co-creating the OPTIMAL approach
to development

1+ 1 = 3

Knowing that you have the relevant knowledge and insights of your industry and market needs, the best approach to development is by co-creating a roadmap;

Here we begin to leverage your knowledge and collectively design the optimal roadmap for the project.

Outcome of Step 3: Scope of the project, executable roadmap , selection of appropriate tech stacks and developers involved.

Step 4: Project execution

in for a long haul

The last step is an ongoing and long-term commitment from our end. We simply don't rest until we've advanced your bigger picture. Whether the job requires one engineer or a team of 20, we will make it possible.

Outcome of Step 4: Advancing your goal.