Connect. Engage. Trade - our mission would be incomplete without facilitating the actual movement of trade.

In order for trade to be transparent, it is critical to have a supporting role for those who move goods - freight and logistics providers.

1.  Real-time visibility - track & trace live shipments;

2. Supply chain control tower- agile planning;

3. Search & book- sailing schedules, spot rates & instant      bookings.

Why does it matter?

Real-time visibility ensures a massive reduction in lost sales. Take control of your sailing schedules, and avoid paying high detention and demurrage costs.

Ad Hoc and real-time planning allows adaptability to changing demand or supply situations. An efficient and agile supply chain depends on real-time connectivity between all stakeholders involved in an order.

Offer an intuitive user interface to your customers to search and book shipments directly from your system. Save both your and their valuable time by automating RFQ and booking step.


Neither trade nor freight forwarding is a tech-first business. Technology is a facilitator in this industry, not the core business. Trade Transparency platform acknowledges this. Instead of challenging leaders in this industry to disrupt, we  advance them by complimenting their core business with our technology.

Tired of using so many different applications to manage your supply chain? Or five different software for transportation management?
We can integrate them together to ease your life;
After all logistics is hard enough already.


Common use cases of digital application in Logistics & Supply Chain:

Integrate &

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Efficient system are automated;
Implement your own business logic seamlessly using our development team or simply integrate your existing back-end software(s) to gain internal efficiency.

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Be agile. Be responsive;

Take advantage of agility and timely-decision making. Simplify collaboration and productivity throughout your business units with built-in tools such as chats, notes, comments, and notifications.

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Optimize Customer Experience

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Exceed your customers' expectations;

Having a customer-facing portal can save you and your customer an average of 30 minutes of emails and phone calls per shipment!

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Activity & 
Alert Logs

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Follow the trail of modifications on any of your shipment, and introduce accountability at key points through an extensive activity log. With real-time alerts, your organization is better equipped to handle every scenario and make proactive decisions.

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[SaaS B2B Marketplace]

Connect, Engage & Trade is the mission behind our own B2B 
marketplace - Beyond Borders.
Connect with prospects, sellers or trade authorities; engage with existing partners; and trade with all.

[Design to Manufacture]

Taking you to the source of manufacturing cuts huge costs, without compromising on quality or lead times. Upload your design files along with manufacturing requirements and get connected with hundreds of manufacturers in minutes.


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